WES provides economic and demographic analysis, market research, forecasting and planning services. We specialize in housing and community development, with particular expertise in the following areas:

Economic Assessments. WES  evaluates the performance and direction of the local economy as it relates to the number of people working or seeking work, available jobs and industry change,  per capita income, assessment of the ability of the local market to generate workforce housing, and the ability of the local households to afford such housing.

Demographic Analysis. WES quantifies demographic change through uncovering county-to-county, interstate and foreign migration trends, as well as the racial and ethnic diversity of local communities. Additional points of demographic analysis include population by gender, age, disability and a variety of other factors.

Housing Market Evaluations. WES’s typical housing market analysis includes examination of data depicting types of dwelling, tenure, occupancy, vintage, number of rooms, and housing size.  WES is also able to produce data on cost burden analysis, overcrowding, and other housing problems from numerous sources such as the U.S Census Bureau, local property assessors and housing needs surveys.

Surveys. Through the use of telephone, mail and online survey instruments, WES is able to capture primary research related to the opinions and perceptions of the general population as well as specific groups including stakeholders, government officials and property owners and developers.  WES is able to tailor the survey method and instrument in order to address a wide array of topics including fair housing, community and housing development, and the rental market.

Fair Housing Research. WES has extensive experience in conducting research for fair housing studies including Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data and the prevalence of high interest rate loans as well as data related to the number and type of fair housing complaints filed with different agencies.

Housing Needs Assessment and Forecasts. WES assesses the factors that influence the desire, demand, and need for housing, including the framework to promote housing production, and current and future housing needs by types of housing, tenure and income. We have also prepared forecasts of future population, employment and housing demand for up to a thirty-year time horizon for cities, counties, regions and states.

Consolidated Planning Assessments. Many consolidated planning projects require extensive secondary research, and WES is able to gather these essential plan elements including the size of and services available for the homeless population as well as the availability and need for services for special-need populations.

Geographic Mapping of Data. With the use of state-of-the-art geographic mapping programs, WES is able to present spatial data sets, such as those related to concentration of certain populations or groups, in detailed and visually appealing formats.

Public Involvement and Presentations. WES is aware of the common requirement for public involvement in many situations and is able to develop, write and execute citizen involvement plans that are designed to build public consensus as well as conduct public input sessions for large or small groups.