Over the last 26 years, WES has developed experience in producing several specific types of research reports:

Consolidated Plans for Housing and Community Development (CP). Usually a three- or five-year plan, the CP is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in exchange for funding of housing and community development programs.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) A document required as part of many CPs, the AFFH focuses specifically on fair housing in a given area in relation to identification of impediments or barriers to fair housing choice for protected classes. WES is up-to-date on the newest HUD regulations and can help clients navigate the transition from the old Analysis of Impediments (AI) reporting criteria to the new AFFH reporting requirements.

Housing Market Analysis and Needs Assessment. Housing market studies offer a detailed and complete picture of size and characteristics of the housing stock and are often paired with an assessment of the existing or expected housing needs of a community.

Profile of Demographics, Economics and Housing.  A Profile offers an in-depth look at population characteristics, economic health and housing situation and how these characteristics have changed or are expected to change in a given geographic area; often this type of report comprises multiple volumes that profile an entire state, each county within the state and even select cities within the state.

Population, Employment and Housing Forecasts. A Forecast is a useful tool in many planning functions to anticipate growth outcomes in population, employment and housing production and can include moderate to very strong growth outlooks and projections.

Interactive Web Applications. Interactive web applications, such as the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority’s comparative dashboard:
NIFA Dashboard are a useful way to present large and complex data-sets.

Other Planning Reports. WES also has experience in producing a number of other planning reports including Annual Action Plans, tribal housing needs assessments, assessments of affordable housing, and community and economic needs assessments.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our availability to produce specialized research products other than those listed above.