About Us

Since 1986, WES has offered housing and community development research, analysis and support services to private and public groups.  WES conducts customized research and works closely with clients to ensure that project goals and outcomes are thoroughly realized.

Business Approach

Proven Methodology. WES utilizes a variety of authoritative data sources, advanced statistical techniques and solid research methodologies to ensure reliable, complete and accurate results.

Individualized Products. WES adopts a customized approach for every project with a unique design that emphasizes the specific characteristics and desired outcomes of the project.

Adaptability. Our proven track record for accommodating eleventh-hour modifications while still remaining on-budget and on-schedule has played a major role in our high level of repeat business.

Cost Effectiveness. WES is able to offer valued products and services for cost-effective fees that meet our clients’ budgets and planning needs.

Familiarity with Process. WES understands the depth and breadth of key planning processes as well as the difficulties likely to be encountered.

Extensive Review Procedures. Our project designs recognize the influence of the political climate and the critical need within both the public and private sectors for a review and input process.

Comprehensive Deliverables. At the conclusion of each project, WES make final reports, databases, analytical sets and other resources available to clients in a variety of formats.